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Entry #100

Hai there :3

1/24/14 by Sanfort

I was bored today and tired from school, so I went on flash 8 to mess around, during 20 mins of my boredom I killed that time by editing 1999elias' hands, from his gun pack. I made gloves out of them which was pretty simple and quick....enough. I think ill just keep 'em for myself >:3 (Elias, if you want them ill give 'em to you, they're yours after all, i just edited them. Also if i use them, ill credit you all the time :D) Check em out :P



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dam, nice joj.

lol kinda like Madness Scene Creator

Looks Good!

1/24/14 Sanfort responds:




Lol, they got really nice! I don't think I will make some character that uses fingerless gloves but if I need, I contact you :)

1/24/14 Sanfort responds:

Lol, thanks.
And alright, my inbox is open as well :3